Our Classes

Our CrossFit classes, or WODs (Workout of the day) go for one hour and consist of a warm up, a workout and a cool down. Generally the workout will have a few different components, ranging from strength, skill or metcon (aka cardio). Each of these components are programmed relative to the individual’s abilities, and all workouts can be scaled to suit absolutely everyone. A portion of this class is spent on movement safety & technique.

Our burn classes run for 45 minutes, and follow a similar style of training to a HIIT class. We use CrossFit movements and philosophies, but for this class, we leave out the weights! The class is generally made up of less technical movements that everyone can perform, and use body weight exercises and high reps. This is a great class that will get your sweat up, and is a perfect intro to CrossFit for those who are unsure about joining into our WODs.

SOS stands for “spin on spin”, but upon completing this 35 min burner, some might be inclined to refer to it as “save our souls”. This class is designed to significantly improve one’s fitness and lactic threshold in a short amount of time. We use “airdynes”, which act as a whole body workout and a lung burner. If you’re time poor but want super fast results, this class is for you!

CrossFit believes that Olympic Lifting is a very important part of teaching the body to be functional. To be able to learn how to safely move weight from the ground to your shoulders, and overhead is to have a body that is spaciously aware & fundamentally strong. We don’t use “strong” necessarily in terms of being able to lift a lot of weight, but more so being able to perform day to day tasks in an efficient and safe manner. Clean and Jerks and Snatches help teach the body how to move weight safely. This class runs for an hour.

Think "Bodybuilding"! This class is 45min of non stop isolation the good old fashioned way. Strengthen arms, tone abs and work those backs and chests! This program complements our CrossFit program with some accessory work by focusing on those show muscles!

Fundamentals is the on ramp or "basics" of CrossFit. This class is specifically designed to give you the best introduction to CrossFit you can get. It teaches technique in a small group environment with a coach and involves basic to technical movements and teaches how to do them safely and efficiently. It will also provide progressions for movements that may pop up in classes, which will allow you to make the most of your class time.

You asked for it, and we delivered. We have now constructed "lunchtime express". This class is a 30min HIIT workout at 12.15. This caters for those on a time poor schedule but still need to get a good workout in without being left lacking energy for the rest of the work day. It will actually improve it! Studies have shown that people who work out on their lunch break come back to work with significantly reduced stress levels, improved problem solving skills, and the extra productivity makes up for the lost time away from the work place!

Open Gym
Due to our city gym having an onsite recovery centre, we are open all day. Members have access to open gym from 6am - 8pm in the city location.


  • 3 Classes a week $41 (6 Month Commitment)
  • 3 Classes a week $46 (3 Month Commitment)
  • 3 Classes a week $51 (No Commitment)
  • Unlimited Classes a week $49 (6 Month Commitment)
  • Unlimited Classes a week $54 (3 Month Commitment)
  • Unlimited Classes a week $59 (No Commitment)
  • Student Discounts Available (Conditions Apply)