(OLD) Our Team



James comes from a semi professional Rugby League background. He has dabbled in many sports but found a true passion for CrossFit. James founded Soul365 in 2013 and from there has found success in CrossFit competitions and is currently 18th fittest in the world. James’ Favourite movement is T2B and can hit 64 unbroken.


Owner CrossFit Mode/ & Part Owner CrossFit Beach Mode

Kayla comes from a background in Kids TV presenting and has a huge passion for finding health through nutrition and exercise. She started CrossFit in 2012 and hasn't looked back. In 2015 she placed 160 in the Pacific Open and looks to improve in the 2017 season. Her favourite movement is muscle ups and boasts a total of 8 unbroken on a good day.


Coach & Part Owner CrossFit Beach Mode

Chris has been doing CrossFit for 3 years and and has had a passion for health and fitness since his early on in his days of playing competitive football. Chris takes pride in giving every individual the best experience and believes that everyone has the potential to better themselves each day. Chris has a love for teaching Olympic lifting/ and seeing members grow and build confidence in and outside the gym.


Gym Mumma & Part Owner CrossFit Beach Mode



CrossFit Fundamentals Coach

After first joining the Mode family in 2013 to help with rehab from knee surgery, Dave has since gone on to become our fundamentals specialist, taking care of new members through the first steps of their CrossFit Journey. With a background in Sports Coaching and Education Dave brings a patient, friendly approach to his coaching which allows for new members to learn and progress at their own level while still learning the ropes.


Kevin has been in the fitness industry for several years now. It all started from playing soccer back when he was five. He has always had a passion wanting to help people improve with their skills, appearance or nutrition so it was a natural progression to head into Personal Training as his career. During his time as a Personal Trainer he found the most effective way to train clients was to improve their functionality in what they were doing in their day to day living. Finding CrossFit was exactly what Kevin was looking for with his own fitness so after a year learning all the movements and acquiring the CF level 1 and found this was a great way to share knowledge on functional movement throughout the fitness industry.



A friendly face at Mode, Gemma joined on opening day on March 2013 and hasn't looked back. Working in Personal Injury Management for over a decade means she knows the importance of you taking care of your own wellbeing, health and movement for a quality life. Gemma will always be there for the Mode crew to help out where needed and also motivate every member and visitor to want to come in the door and reach standards that they personally will be proud of.



Simone joined Mode Fitness in February 2016. She moved to Adelaide after she graduated from Southern University in the United States where she played 4 years of division 1 collegiate soccer. In conjunction with her studies she was also an assistant strength and conditioning coach for Southern University. She specialises in Olympic and powerlifting an has a passion for helping every individual in achieving happiness in health and fitness.




Mary is a CrossFit coach and has been a trainer and freestyle group fitness instructor for over 15 years. Mary teaches a range of classes as well as bootcamp and yoga. Mary has been a CrossFit athlete for the last 4 years after completed 2 Marathons as well as leading groups in obstacle courses including True Grit and Tough Mudder. At 48,  Mary is the fittest she has ever been and truly believes she is nowhere near reaching her potential as an athlete. Mary's passion about helping people, especially women, reach their potential by getting stronger, fitter and healthier. Mary was once told by a client  she felt like she could now achieve and do anything her heart desired!







Operations Manager

Mark has been a member of the Mode team for 18 months acting as the operations manager. He works out of CrossFit City Mode but handles all membership enquiries across the Mode Fitness group. Mark is a great asset to the business and is available 24-7 to assist with any questions you have or changes you may need in regard to your membership. He thrives on helping out members with anything and if he can't fix it he will find someone who can. Contact Mark by email, phone or messenger.