Best way to 'Get Started'

1. Forget Everything You’ve Heard

Functional Fitness has evolved. All the puking, passing out, and being forced to compete are things of the past. Yes, we will push you towards your limits, but never past them. You set your boundaries - wherever they may be, and let us help you reach them!
“I tell people all the time to only lift as heavy as you can maintain proper form. And sometimes clients will get mad at me because I tell them ‘Stop, you’re done for the day’ and they still want to do more, we as coaches are here to stop you from overdoing it and getting hurt.” James Newbury Coach / CrossFit athlete

2. Don’t Get in Shape to Get in Shape

One of the biggest misconceptions is that you need to be fit enough to make it through those intense workouts from the first day you join. Not true.
When anyone new steps into our gym, we do a movement evaluation. Everyone, regardless of experience must go through a series of beginner classes with a coach to learn proper form for the exercises our gym is known for, like Olympic lifts, as well as simple things like learning how to move, squat, and even run, without sustaining injuries.

From there, we progress each individual into group classes and work closely with our coaches to find a level appropriate for them! Our programming is the best way to get fit, because it’s done in a welcoming community, with like minded people, that is fun! You’ll be much more excited to turn up here every day, than you will going by yourself to a regular gym, trust us!

4. Get in the Right Frame of Mind

We are looking for people with the right attitude. Our program works, but you have to be in the right frame of mind. You don’t have to be a certain level of fitness or have a certain base of strength, but you do have to have the will to improve yourself. Participating in regular exercise and constantly striving for growth will inadvertently translate to your everyday life, helping you manage the struggles of work, relationships and personal life.