Float tanks

Release from gravity…

There is no easier way to achieve a state of complete and utter relaxation.

Inside the float tank, 350kg of pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salt is dissolved in 30 cm of water warmed to skin temperature (34.9) This extremely dense solution, like the Dead Sea, enables people of all body types to float effortlessly and, to a large extent, escape the pull of gravity. The  tank is light-proof and sound-proof, greatly reducing sensory stimulation. This unique environment frees the brain from the bulk of its processing duties and prompts theta wave production. The nearly universal response to floating is one of profound relaxation and a sense of well-being, even joy.


  • Single Float $70 90min session for a 60min float
  • 3pk of Floats $179 3x 90min sessions for a 60min float

>The benefits of taking your sports recovery to the next level by using a float tank in Adelaide include:

Decrease in recovery time
Decrease in cortisol
Increase in energy 
Lowered heart rate
Faster healing 
Increased visualisation potential

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